The opening match of 2022 FIFA world cup will be taking place at Al Bayt Stadium which is situated in Al Khor, Qatar

The capacity of this stadium is 60,000 & was awarded to build in 2015. The work was completed in 2020

It will feature a retractable roof, providing covered seating for all spectators.

It has huge parking capacity for 6000 cars, 350 buses & 1000 taxis. The stadium also includes luxurious hotel suites and rooms with balcony views of the football field

The stadium also received a five-star GSAS rating.

The stadium was inaugurated on 30th Nov 2021 with Qatar & Bahrain football match & was won by Qatar 1-0

Al Bayt Stadium was constructed for $847 million.  

A shuttle bus service (Service Number S950) will run to & from Lusail QNB Metro Station (Red line). The bus journey will take minimum of 25 minutes