Rishabh Pant’s Pool Walk As He Recovers From Accident. Watch


Watch: Rishabh Pants Pool Walk As He Recovers From Accident

Rishabh Pant walks inside water during his recovery post a horrific car crash in December 2022.© Twitter

India wicketkeeper-batter Rishabh Pant is currently recovering post a horrific road accident in December last year. The 25-year-old cricketer had sustained multiple injuries in the accident and was lucky to escape his car in time despite the vehicle catching fire after the accident. Pant has been sharing updates on his health with his fans on social media at regular intervals and his latest post shows how he is doing. In the short clip shared on social media, Pant could be seen walking slowly inside water in a pool with the help of a stick.

Earlier, Pant had posted a picture of him playing a game of chess. In the photo, there was chess board with some pieces lying in front of it, along with an empty chair in the frame. The picture portrayed as if someone was playing chess with Pant, but it was not revealed who was the wicketkeeper’s rival in the game.

“Can anyone guess who’s playing?” the caption of the picture read.

Pant had undergone several surgeries post his accident on December 30 last year. The doctors have predicted he will need 6-9 months to recover from injuries completely and he will surely miss this year’s Indian Premier League.

Earlier, Indian cricket legend Kapil Dev expressed his concern for the youngster and on a lighter note, he wants to slap Pant as soon as he recovers from the injuries he sustained in that near-fatal accident.

Kapil Dev, in a video on Uncut, said that Pant’s absence has left the Indian team in tatters. Just like parents have the right to slap children when they make mistakes, Kapil wants to do the same to Pant after he has recovered.

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